To complement our modular training courses, currently run virtually, the Flow Cytometry team are excited to announce the launch of Flow Building Blocks. These will be shared regularly to BI and external scientists on a monthly basis, to help build everyone’s knowledge about flow cytometry. The team will be covering both practical and theoretical aspects of flow cytometry which will compliment one another to build a robust repository. 

February 2024

Sort Expectations 2

January 2024

Sort Expectations

December 2023

SpectroFlo 3.2.1 Autofluorescence Extraction

November 2023

Babraham Institute Flow Cytometry Courses 2024

October 2023

Attune Tools

September 2023

FlowJo Plugin

August 2023

Unstained Controls 1
Unstained Controls 2

July 2023

Cytek Tools

June 2023


May 2023

Small Particles

April 2023

Cell Cycle

March 2023


February 2023

Viability Dyes

January 2023

Sorting Tips

December 2022

Nozzle Size

November 2022

Simple R

October 2022

Spectral Flow Cytometry Symposium

August 2022

Sorting Decisions

July 2022

Data Display Plots

June 2022

Resolution of multi-colour panels.jpg

June 2022

Compensation Controls
Fluorescence Minus One (FMO) Controls

April 2022

Panel design Cross-Laser Excitation
Area Scaling Factor

March 2022

Spillover spread matrices for panel design
Considerations for panel design

February 2022

Tandem Dyes
Fluorophore brightness versus antigen density

January 2022

Acquisition Speed
Doublet Discrimination

December 2021

Howard Shapiro (1941-2021)
Shapiro's Laws of Cytometry Part 1
Shapiro's Laws of Cytometry Part 2
Howard Shapiro's Songs

November 2021

Intro BuildingCyt
Meet the Flow Cytometry Team
What is Flow Cytometry?
What is Spectral Cytometry?
Get to Know Your Facility