Spectral Flow Cytometry Symposium

2023 Spectral Symposium

11-12 July 2023

We are really happy to announce the Practicalities in Spectral Flow Cytometry Symposium, which we are hosting at Babraham Institute, Cambridge on 11th and 12th July 2023.  The confirmed speakers are:

  • Oliver Burton
  • Pratip Chattopadhyay
  • Yacine Kharraz
  • Joanne Lannigan
  • Florian Mair
  • Sophie Novault
  • David Novo

Sponsors of the meeting so far include: Applied Cytometry, BD, BioRad, Biostatus, Cytek, Dotmatics, Milteyni, Sony, Tercen and ThermoFisher.

Due to the unique nature of the Babraham Institute Flow Cytometry Facility, we have arranged for this symposium to have practical elements as well as talks from spectral cytometry experts.  You will be able to sign up to 4 practical sessions run by flow cytometry experts and companies that include panel design, data analysis and instrument practical sessions on the ID7000, Aurora, Aurora CS, and Bigfoot.  We will send out an email approximately one month before the symposium asking you which sessions you would like to attend.

Tickets are available here: Spectral Flow Cytometry Symposium 2023 Tickets, Tue 11 Jul 2023 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

Spectral Symposium 2023 poster


Our 2022 event

A one-day symposium with talks from key academic and industry speakers showcasing techniques and developments for full spectral experiments

Keynote address: Why is spectral cytometry so critical for flow cytometry? 

  • Professor J. Paul Robinson, Director of Cytometry Laboratories and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Purdue University, USA

Leveraging novel fluorophore technologies to enable flexible and higher dimensional immune profiling by spectral flow cytometry

  • Dr Seddon Thomas, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Full Spectrum Profiling (FSP)™ – Best Practices and Tools to High Parameter Panel Design Success

  • Dr Adam Davison, Cytek BioSciences

Do more with less: improving high parameter cytometry through overnight staining

  • Dr Oliver Burton, Babraham Institute

The Secrets of Full Spectrum Panel Optimization

  • Dr Laura Ferrar Font, Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

Build your spectral intuition with maths and finger paints

  • Dr Peter Mage, Advanced Technologies Group, BD Biosciences

Back to the Future- Unleashing your cytometer’s spectral potential

  • Christopher Hall, Babraham Institute

Spectral analysis using the Sony ID7000: Tools for deeper discoveries

  • Dr Melanie Piédavent-Salomon, Sony Biotechnology

This event is kindly sponsored by:

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