Scientific Support Services

Our experienced animal technicians hold Home Office Personal Licences permitting them to perform regulated procedures once fully trained and assessed for competence.

These procedures and technical services are defined below:

Importation and quarantine - rats and mice shared by other establishments across the globe.

Re-derivation – this process effectively removes adventitious pathogens and establishes a fresh colony with a validated health status.

Breeding and maintenance of GM rodents - Well-managed breeding programs ensure the numbers of animals required are produced while minimising excess. 

Embryo and sperm cryopreservation – the creation of a novel genetically modified strain takes time and money so we preserve fertilised embryos and sperm for future use should they be required.

Regulated Procedures – we provide procedural support to many of the scientific groups on site.

Containment level 2 facilities  - some experimental protocols require the use of pathogens which may pose a risk to humans.  This work is performed within our purpose-built containment suites.