Pathogen Free Units

Caging within one of the isolators

The Specific Opportunist Pathogen Free (SOPF) and GM/Transgenics units are the highest health status Bio-science units within the facility. SOPF and GM/Transgenics are minimal access units with wet shower entrances, each having it’s own dedicated staff group. The units house animals in positively pressured Flexible Film Isolators and Individually Ventilated Cages providing excellent living conditions and high quality protection for both our genetically modified colonies and our core expansion colonies of background strains of mice. 

The units have procedure rooms,  Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets and Laminar Air Flow cabins for surgical work and other routine procedures.

Inside the Unit

Animal technician working in the isolators


Flexible Film Isolators maximise pathogen exclusion

Animal technician working in Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet


Class II  Microbiological Safety Cabinets provide protection for animals, maintaining their health status and also provide protection  to staff from animal allergens 

New caging in the animal facility


Individually Ventilated Cages provide high quality housing while allow maintenance of high health status