Research Access Programme

The Institute has an absolute commitment to being an open and accessible organisation, providing opportunities for all to engage in its work.

Additionally, the Institute is also committed to building a diverse and inclusive working community. Work in these areas is driven by our Public Engagement Programme and our equity4success Programme.

The Institute has recognised a lack of diversity in applications to its PhD studentship programme and wishes to break down barriers that some students may encounter in obtaining opportunities to progress with a life sciences academic career. We believe that for undergraduate students at the beginning of their scientific research career gaining experience in a research environment is invaluable and provides a significant advantage when applying to postgraduate programmes, as well as an opportunity to develop their skills, confidence and enjoyment of research.  

The Institute, therefore, provides a number of undergraduate research placements each year as part of the ‘Research Access Programme’. Students complete a 4-8 week placement within the Institute’s Strategic Research Programmes or Scientific Facilities. Additionally, students participate in a programme of talks and activities designed to support their career advancement.

To ensure that we support a diverse group of students, we have partnered with the In2Research programme for student applications. Interested students can apply to the programme and will be matched to projects most supportive of their goals. All successful students will receive a stipend to cover living costs and accommodation near to the Institute will also be provided.

Students are encouraged to look at the research of the Institute to best prepare an application outlining their scientific interests, career aspirations, including confirmation if they fall into any of the identified under-represented groups. 

To apply to the programme please see the In2Research application webpage here.