Rachael Walker


Rachael has nearly 20 years of experience in flow cytometry and cell sorting and 14 years of working in flow cytometry core facilities. Rachael joined the core in September 2012, following 7 years running Flow Cytometry Core Facilities at the University of Cambridge.

Rachael has extensive experience in analysis and sorting cells of differing types including; immunology, cell biology, stem cell biology, large cells such as cardiomyocytes, c. elegans eggs; organelles such as nuclei. Rachael can provide expertise in experimental setup, optimisation and analysis. She can help with optimal instrument set up, post-acquisition analysis of data and preparing figures for papers.

Rachael studied Biomedical Material Sciences at the University of Birmingham, before completing her PhD in 2005 in Tissue Engineering from the University of Liverpool.  Tasked with learning to use a MoFlo cell sorter during her PhD, led Rachael to pursue Flow Cytometry as a career.


Flow Cytometry community

Rachael is very involved with the flow cytometry community on a local, national and international level.

Rachael’s work includes:

Awarded International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) Scholarship 2012-2014

Awarded ISAC ‘Emerging Leader in Shared Resource Laboratory’ Scholarship 2014-2016

Co-chair of ISAC Membership Services Committee

Member of ISAC Program committee for CYTO conferences since 2010

Chair of local Mid-Anglia Cytometry (MACC) group

Secretary of flowcytometryUK, also one of main organisers of flowcytometryUK national annual meetings

Fellow and Secretary of Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) Cytometry Section

Lecturer at RMS Annual Flow Cytometry Course

?Regular contributor to ‘Flow Cytometry’ Channel on Bitesize Bio website.


To contact Rachael :

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/rachael-walker/28/968/665