Undergraduate students:

Isabel Leitch (University of Exeter) carried out a summer internship with us between July - September 2019, supported by the Amgen Scholars Programme. She then started a PhD at the Sir Willian Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford.

Gwendoline Muller (University of Grenoble) joined us from April - July 2020 as a Masters student, before taking a position as a Biotechnology Scientist at Servier in Paris.

Laina Langridge carried out a summer internship with us between August - September 2022 while she was a student at the University of Exeter. She then went on to do a research placement at The Centre of Excellence for Bovine Tuberculosis, University of Aberystwyth.


Research assistants:

Harry Jack-Mann worked with us as a Research Assistant in the summer of 2021 before moving to a position in industry.



Svetlana Sakhnevych was the first person to join the lab in November 2019 and is now working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Queen’s University Belfast.

Deniz Akdeniz joined us for a short postdoc in April 2022 and is now looking for opportunities in industry.