Postdoctoral Alumni

Lena Erlandsson, 2000-2001. Currently Research Scientist at Statens Serum Institut, Denmark

Colette Johnston, 2000-2004. Currently Senior Research Scientist at Crescendo Biologics, Cambridge, UK

Adam Bowen, 2006-2010. Currently Senior Innovation Manager in theKnowledge Exchange and Commercialisation Unit within Innovation and Skills Group at BBSRC.
Joana Silva Martins, 2010-2013. Currently Senior Research Scientist at Discuva, Cambridge UK

PhD student alumni

Sam Bunting, PhD student 2002-2006. Currently Assistant Professor at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Karen Featherstone, PhD student 2003-2007. Currently Postdoctoral Research Associate with Julian Davis, University of Manchester

Varsha Jagadesham, M Phil student 2007-2008. Currently Research Officer at the Nuffield Council on Bioethics

Andrew Wood, PhD student 2006-2011. Currently Research Scientist at Kymab (Sanofi)

Louise Matheson, PhD student 2007-2011. Currently Postdoctoral Scientist in Sarah Elderkin’s group, Nuclear Dynamics

Mike Stubbington, PhD student 2009-2013. Currently Postdoctoral Researcher at the EBI

Isabelle Osuch, PhD student 2010-2014. Currently Research Scientist at Crescendo Biologics, Cambridge UK


Other Alumni

Ausma Termanis, Nuffield undergraduate summer bursary, 2007. Currently PhD student with Irina Stancheva at University of Edinburgh

Ella Tresise, Nuffield Sixth Form student, 2007. Currently studying Biological Sciences at University of East Anglia

Ebe Schiavo, da Vinci student, 2008-2009. Currently PhD student with Bernardo Reina San Martin at the IGBMC in Strasbourg

Liz Ing-Simmons. Currently PhD student at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, London
Jennifer Galbraith. Sixth Form Gold Crest summer student 2014

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