Naomi Morris – Rotation Student. Funded by the BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership Programme. Currently a Group Leader at The Crick Institute.

Jasvinder Hayre – Research Assistant. Currently a scientist at ARTIOS Pharma.

​Anastasiya Sybirna – Visiting Master’s Student. Completed a Ph.D. at the WT / MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute with Prof. Azim Surani.

Bao Xiu Tan – Amgen Scholar. Completed a Ph.D. at the WT / MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute with Prof. Kevin Chalut.

Natasha Morgan – Research Assistant. Completed a Ph.D. at the Babraham Institute with with Dr. Myriam Hemberger.

Adam Collinson - Ph.D. Student. Currently a Senior Scientific Manager at the Sanger Institute.

Arnold Sienerth - Post-doc. Currently a Scientist at Discovery Charles River.

Eleanor Sheekey - BSDB-Funded Summer Student. Currently a Ph.D. student at the CRUK Cambridge Institute with Dr. Masashi Narita. Twitter  Blog

Paola Serena Nisi - Visiting Ph.D. Student. Completed a Ph.D. at the Sapienza University of Rome.

Amanda Collier - Ph.D. Student. Currently a Post-doc with Prof. Kathrin Plath at UCLA.

Stephen Bevan - Post-doc. Currently a Scientist at GSK.

Clara Novo - Post-doc. Currently a Project Research Scientist at the Crick Institute.

Charlene Fabian - Ph.D. Student. Currently a Research And Development Associate at Medannex Ltd.

Claudia Semprich - Post-doc. Currently a Staff Scientist at the Sanger Institute.

Kate Maskalenka - Ph.D. Student. Currently a Scientist at Shift Bioscience.

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