Outstanding, Outstanding, Outstanding, Outstanding

Outstanding, Outstanding, Outstanding, Outstanding

Outstanding, Outstanding, Outstanding, Outstanding

Key points:

  • The Institute’s Nursery has received a fourth Outstanding rating after its recent Ofsted inspection.
  • The Institute’s Nursery provides excellent childcare for over 100 children aged from six months to four years old, supported by a team of 40 staff members (across childcare, administration and catering).
  • The report praised the Nursery’s approach to engaging children with learning and supporting their wider development, and the strength of its relationships - across the Nursery team, between individual children and their key staff members, and with parents and caregivers.
  • The Nursery’s childcare provision supports the families of Institute and Campus company staff and accepts children from the local area.

The Institute’s Nursery has made it four in a row after gaining another Outstanding rating in its latest Ofsted inspection. The latest review marks a period of 15 years over which the Nursery has held an Outstanding rating.

The Nursery was assessed across the categories of quality of education, behaviours and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management, and overall effectiveness.

Nursery Manager, Alison Bishop, who has led the Nursery through the last three Ofsted reviews, said: “We are absolutely delighted that we have once again been awarded ‘Outstanding’ in all areas across our provision, demonstrating how we have continued to reflect, develop and grow since our last inspection in 2016. It’s testament to the hard work, dedication and passion of the whole team that our continued commitment to excellence has been recognised. I am doubly proud of the team because, as everyone is aware, the last couple of years have by no means been typical. Despite additional challenges, the Nursery team has continued to put our children at the heart of what we do, providing a stimulating, safe and nurturing environment for both children, families and our Nursery staff to grow and thrive.”

Report highlights

The report described the attending children as “highly motivated and eager learners”, engaged through “an ambitious programme that ensures that every child has the best possible start”. Beyond supporting the development of effective communication skills in conveying knowledge, the report observed how effectively this was used to support personal development to help children effectively understand, control and communicate their emotions.

The Ofsted report also praised the deep and effective relationships Nursery practitioners develop with the children in their care and the well-established partnerships with parents and caregivers. Through daily reporting and close awareness of individual interests and home life, the development of each child is guided and supported throughout their time at the Nursery.

Looking at the Nursery’s leadership and management, the Ofsted assessment described this as exceptional, including recognising the emphasis placed on staff welfare and development, creating a motivated team committed to doing the best for the children in the Nursery’s care.

The parent and caregiver perspectives

The Nursery team appreciated the many letters of support provided by the parents and caregivers of the children who attend. Individual responses shared demonstrations of how the staff across each of the Nursery’s four age grouping “go above and beyond” to care for the children and how much the families of the children who attend the Nursery enjoy the range of opportunities provided to get involved. One family reported how the close attention to their child’s development alerted them to a rare health condition, missed by routine healthcare screening, and how this spoke to the underlying culture of care at the Nursery.   

Institute congratulations

Dr Simon Cook, Interim Director, said: “For anyone who knows the Nursery, this achievement is no surprise and we offer our warmest congratulations to the Nursery team. We also offer them our deep gratitude for their exceptional care of the Nursery’s children during the pandemic, and every day since. The Institute community is incredibly proud of the Nursery team and includes many members of Institute staff who either witness their impact daily or see the effect of the Nursery years on their children long after they’ve moved on from early-years education.”

Notes to Editors

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Dr Louisa Wood, Head of Communications, louisa.wood@babraham.ac.uk or 01223 496230

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News, 20 May 20616 Outstanding! Institute nursery retains Outstanding OFSTED rating

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