Dr Alec Bangham


Dr Alec Bangham

Dr Alec Bangham

Dr Alec Bangham MD FRS, a leading haematologist who was known as the father of liposomes, died 9th March 2010, aged 88. A former member of Babraham staff (1952-82), Dr Bangham made groundbreaking discoveries in the chemistry and physics of lipid membranes. He developed methods to create artificial membranes and showed how they could be used to package other compounds in ‘liposomes’. These have found applications not only in fundamental research but also in the clinic as delivery packages for medicines or therapeutic agents (e.g. Alec’s own work on the development of artificial surfactant for treating lung malfunction in premature infants) and also form the basis of many products in the world of cosmetics today. Alec put the UK on the map as leader in this field of chemistry.  Alec was a cultured man with many interests but his love and enthusiasm for science always stayed with him.

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