Invitation to Tender


Invitation to Tender

The Babraham Institute is launching a public dialogue exercise to inform the development of its science and public engagement strategies for 2017-2022.  Organisations are invitited to tender for this project.  

The Babraham Institute has a strong programme and history of science communication and outreach.  It has demonstrable metrics in terms of its public engagement activities, annual events and commitments to local schools and communities.  Researchers at Babraham are involved on a number of levels and do so with enthusiasm and flair.   Through the Public Dialogue exercise, the Institute is looking to develop mechanisms that provide dialogue with civil society and other stakeholder groups. The aim is to gain insight and understanding from these groups in order to inform and influence both scientific and public engagement strategies.
This dialogue is being led the Director of the Institute and the Executive Management Team including the individual Institute Strategic Programme Lead scientists. The exercise of listening to public views is essential and timed to coincide with the generation of the next round of science strategy setting.  This exercise seeks to take on board public opinion to help prioritise research areas and plans for the future.

Organisations are invited to bid for the provision of the above in accordance with the enclosed specification. 

The final date for the submission of completed bid responses is close of play 1 May 2015. They should be sent electronically to