Domain Registration

The Institute’s Computing Service (BICS) offers a domain registration and management service.

This service is only available for use by the Institute, its related companies and any tenant company on the Babraham Research Campus that takes all or part of its IT service through BICS. Responses to any request for this service should be received within one to three working days, with full details of the service level agreed in the IT services contract.

To provide this service BICS holds Registrar status with Nominet (.uk registration authority) and are registered with Network Solutions for the purchase and management of all other domains.

Any person making use of this service will, as part of a written IT services contract with BICS, agree to not only the Institute’s acceptable use policies but also those of Nominet ( and Network Solutions.

The cost of purchase and renewal will be recharged to the customer via the charging mechanism agreed in the IT service contract. Price of purchase and renewal is at cost, with domains being renewed automatically before expiry unless otherwise requested by the customer. There will be no charge for transferring the domain to another registrar. The transfer will only be done on written instruction from the company CEO or the nominated contact identified in the IT service contract.

Any complaints relating to this service that are not dealt with in a timely or acceptable manner by BICS can be escalated to Institute management or in the case of .uk domains can be made to

All domains registered by BICS that have an associated email service will also have an abuse@domainname mail address configured. Any complaint relating to the use of this mail domain such as phishing or spam emails should preferably be addressed to the relevant abuse mail address or if necessary to