Virus Fighter

Virus Fighter

Virus Fighter

Find out more about vaccinations with the Virus Fighter game! In this online game, developed by Babraham Institute scientists and Cambridge school students, players must make decisions to try to control one of four viral disease outbreaks.

In this game players learn more about viruses, immunity and vaccinations. In mission mode, players must make decisions to try and control one of four viral disease outbreaks (influenza, coronavirus, ebola and airborne ebola). In free play mode, players can modify virus properties and containment measures to see how this affects the spread of disease.

Virus Fighter was co-developed by the Babraham Institute and students at the Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology.

Please note: this educational tool is designed to stimulate discussions on virus properties and on the effectiveness of different responses to a pandemic. The simulation cannot model all aspects of a pandemic, and can be considered illustrative rather than predictive.

Play Virus Fighter.

Resources for using Virus Fighter in the classroom are available on our School Resources page.

We are sharing Virus Fighter as part of the Cambridge Festival.

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