Science Spotlight: How cells talk to each other?

We were taught at school that cells are building blocks of an organism, but if you think of them as something static and unconscious –think again! As you read this text your cells receive and emit millions of signals in a form of chemical molecules. That’s the way cells (sometimes very distant) communicate with each other and respond to the environment. Different molecules can make cells behave in a variety of ways, e.g. make them divide, move or even die (apoptosis). This communication has to be very tightly controlled because mistakes in cell signalling(e.g. caused by gene mutations) can cause severe diseases, such as cancer.


Join our speaker, Dr Piotr Jung, as we explore how cells communicate with each other, within our bodies, to ensure healthy growth and development. Discover what happens when the main communication channels fail and how this is impacted by our age.


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