Babraham Science Spotlight: Race Against the Ageing Clock

Babraham Science Spotlight: Race Against the Ageing Clock

Discover how Cambridgeshire researchers make sense of ageing in biology and find out more about our lifelong Race Against the Ageing Clock.

Although time passes the same for everyone, some of us age more quickly than others. Recently researchers found a way to study the rate of ageing and it's called the epigenetic clock - the timer that measures biological wear and tear as we age.

Join speaker Diljeet Gill for this online talk where you'll find out more about biological age and how it compares to chronological age - the amount of time that has passed since you were born. We now understand that living a healthy active lifestyle can slow your clock, helping you to live healthier for longer, whilst some things can make your clock tick faster. Just how close are we to being able to use that knowledge to turn the clock back?

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