Neale-Wade Academy Visit

The Institute is commited to providing opportunities for all to learn about, contribute to, and be inspired by our research. We recognise that some schools, particularly those in less affluent areas, are underserved when it comes to opportunities to engage with scientific research. To help combat this, our BioInspire programme offers bespoke workshops, visits, and support to complete a Youth STEMM Award exclusively to our list of priority schools. These are schools in a postcode area of higher deprivation (assessed using the Indices of Deprivation), within 40 miles of the Institute.

Neale-Wade Academy is one of our BioInspire partner schools. We are sponsoring around 20 students from this school to complete their Bronze Youth STEMM Award. In May 2022, some students from Neale-Wade Academy visited the Institute to tour our facilities, hear about our research, and get to grips with our Cell Escape activity. You can hear more from PhD student Jake Cross, who organised the visit, in his blog piece about engaging with public audiences.

If you think your school may be eligible for our BioInspire programme, please get in touch.