The equality4success Alternative Gift Guide 2022

The equality4success Alternative Gift Guide 2022

The equality4success Alternative Gift Guide 2022

Are you looking for ‘gifts for him’ and ‘gifts for her’? Think beyond gender this year with our alternative gift guide! We’re back again with suggestions that go beyond the stereotypical baby dolls and bath bombs or toy guns and ties. We’ve split our gift ideas into categories for easy browsing (that doesn’t include gender!) so enjoy taking a fresh look at festive gift solutions that promote science, diversity, and general awesomeness. Check out our previous lists for even more ideas. Also watch our short talk on gendered toys and stereotypes to learn why it’s important and what you can do to discourage gender stereotypes.

We hope you enjoy our suggestions. Get in touch to show us your nerdy stereotype-defying gifts on or tag us on twitter (@BabrahamInst).

Please keep in mind, our selection is purely based on our commitment to supporting equality and diversity and challenging gender stereotypes. We’re not receiving any incentives to feature these products and we haven’t inspected them in person so we can’t say how well they perform. Inclusion in our list is not an endorsement of a product. Prices may vary from those indicated depending on retailer.

Gifts for babies

Babies and toddlers

  • Perfect for new parents to read with their babies, this gorgeously illustrated book tells the joyful story of how an Indigenous Canadian mother prepares to welcome her new baby to the family and community. I Sang You Down from the Stars by Tasha Spillett-Sumner and Michaela Goade, £12.34
  • Sure, the baby won’t have any idea what the shapes on its belly mean but they will look cute, not to mention intelligent.  Future Scientist Baby Grow by GeekTeesUK, £6.99
  • Designed with sustainability in mind, these beeswax bath crayons, in a handy canister with drain holes, are perfect for bath time fun. Honeysticks Bath Crayons by Honeysticks, £17.99

Gifts for kids


  • Children start noticing differences in ethnicity far earlier than most adults are ready to talk to them about it and many parents aren’t sure how to have that conversation so this book gives a much-needed and age-appropriate starting point. Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race by Megan Madison, Jessica Ralli and Isabel Roxas, £7.59
  • This kit offers kids two fun activities for budding archaeologists: first you excavate the bones piece by piece, then you assemble the dinosaur model. Dinosaur Fossil Dig Kit by imoore, £15.91
  • Add a fun twist to drawing time by using paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Not only does it come in a pretty range of colours, when you’re finished with it (and need more space on the fridge for the newest artworks) you can plant the pages and wait for the flowers to grow. Plantable Paper by LittleGreenPaperShop, £13

gifts for teens


  • For the fan of Netflix’s Heartstopper Oseman’s most recent book is sure to be a hit, exploring themes of LGBTQ+ identities and self-acceptance. Loveless by Alice Oseman, £9.49
  • Everyone in a classroom needs a pencil case so why not get them one that’s sturdy, well-designed and glow in the dark – what’s not to love? Planets Pencil Case by SewSofia, £20
  • More technical than a jigsaw puzzle, this kit for 14+ will create a working perpetual calendar that isn’t just a pretty decoration: you can use it to determine what day of the week any day was or will be. Perpetual Calendar Kit by ROKR, £19.95

Gifts for secret santa

Secret Santa

  • This felt decoration looks good enough to eat! Gingerbread Scientist Ornament by BonnieBooDesign, £5
  • This keychain lets a bench scientist take a little bit of the lab with them wherever they go and can be personalised (as long as their name is under 7 letters, so I’m out of luck!) Pipette Gun Keychain by MyMiniLaboratory, £7.99
  • Everyone’s lips need some TLC in the winter and this Black-owned company makes a fantastic hydrating lip balm anyone can appreciate. Puriskin Lipsoothe by Puriskin, £9.99

Non-scientists gifts


  • Non-scientists might not realise that in truth science is a process, not a collection of things we know. In the age of fake news, Al-Khalili explains how to think and live a little more scientifically and why that’s important. The Joy of Science by Jim Al-Khalili, £12.99
  • I’d never thought about it before but a double helix is the perfect shape to hold pens in a practical and fun way. DNA Helix Pencil Holder by HighlandPlastic, £15
  • Tony’s Chocolonely is dedicated to making the cocoa industry slave free so this is a tasty and guilt free little gift for anyone. Milk Classics Gift Box by Tony’s Chocolonely, £16

Gifts for book lovers

Book lovers

  • As the saying goes, “those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.” Rutherford aims to make sure eugenics, from ancient Greek philosophical principles to the Third Reich, isn’t forgotten and shows how it still impacts our language, policymaking and science, with brand new implications as technology develops. Control: The Dark History and Troubling Present of Eugenics by Adam Rutherford, £12.34
  • All scientists come with their own biases and in this book Cooke explores how sexism has warped our understand of ‘the female of the species’ and challenges ideas around sex and science with a great sense of humour.  Bitch: A Revolutionary Guide to Sex, Evolution and the Female Animal by Lucy Cooke, £10.44
  • This graphic novel faithfully adapts the classic dystopian novel and uses stark black and white illustrations – with splashes of red thrown in at key moments to powerful effect – to enhance the bleak tone and haunting warning from the original. George Orwell's 1984: The Graphic Novel by Matyas Namai, £16.14

Gifts for best friends

Best friends

  • Give your friend a science inspired way to stay hydrated with this personalised water bottle. Personalised Elements Name Water Bottle by RowanChemistTree, £14
  • From Jurassic Park to Lord of the Rings to Zelda, no matter your friend’s brand of nerdery you’re sure to find a stylish map they’ll love to hang on their wall. Jurassic Park Map by TomMakesMaps, £20
  • Learning some basic British Sign Language (BSL) is a simple way to be more inclusive and this tote is a fun way for your friend to show off their name or whatever word you want. Maybe have it say BLM for a double dose of allyship! BSL Tote Bag by KarinesKraftsUK, £6.50

Gifts for partners


  • Making the perfect cup of coffee is as much a science as an art so let your partner take that literally with this Bunsen burner inspired coffee maker. Chemistry Coffee Maker by HyggeByIvy, £24.99
  • Kintsugi, the Japanese practice of mending broken pottery with golden joinery, turns damage into a feature so this kit if perfect for bringing beauty into your partner’s life while reducing waste. Kintsugi Kit by TheCuriosphere, £20.90
  • Whether your partner is a seasoned yogi or a beginner this cork mat will provide a beautiful and eco-friendly way to practice, plus buying it from Barnardo’s supports vulnerable children. Cork Yoga Mat by Palm to Soul, £40