Babraham Institute Molecular Explorers Exhibit at the Cambridge Science Festival

Babraham Institute Molecular Explorers Exhibit at the Cambridge Science Festival

Every year, the Cambridge Science Festival provides the opportunity to thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds to submerge themselves in what Cambridge is widely recognised for: research and innovation.

All of the Institute staff, from Principle Investigators to visiting students, under the organisation of our wonderful public engagement team, are willing to meet young and old to show and discuss the research that we do at the laboratory bench every day. I always tell myself that spreading knowledge is part of the researcher’s nature. It’s what we do best!

Throughout the hands-on event at the Guildhall, lots of small activities including iPad games, using microscopes to see cells from the body and a hands-on DNA packaging game, produced by the most creative minds of our Institute, allow a friendly and easy approach to understanding our research. The great thing about this vibrant event is that every researcher communicates their love of science to make this day exciting and engaging.

I also try to do my best to bring that feeling that every day drives my experiments, hoping that in a future new scientists will develop their passion as I did. It’s a real pleasure to talk to children and see their real enthusiasm for science. However, what I enjoy most about this event, is to observe the genuine interest of the public in what we do and the appreciation of our work.

It’s always a great experience to volunteer at this event and spread the idea that any further steps taken in science will lead us to a greater understanding of what happens in our body. Therefore, in this event I always encourage people to support science to help the next generation to make connections between the various pieces of the puzzle found so far. This will open the way to new questions and new discoveries.

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