Josephine Meade: PhD awarded 2001. Now a Lecturer at the University of Leeds.

Michelle Morrow: PhD awarded 2001. Now VP in Preclinical Translational Pharmacology at F-STAR

Elizabeth Clayton: PhD awarded 2002. Has left science after Postdoc in Cambridge.

Mamnunar Khan: PhD awarded 2005. Now Senior Product Manager at BT.

Thomas Henley: PhD awarded 2008. Now CEO at Empyrean Therapeutics.

Alexander Ademokun: PhD awarded 2008. Now Deputy Director for Place, Impact and Research at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Robert Williams: PhD awarded 2010. Now Technology Project Lead at AstraZeneca

Daniel Hodson: PhD awarded 2010. Now research group leader at Cambridge Stem Cell Institute.

Alison Galloway: PhD Awarded 2013.  Now Postdoc with Victoria Cowling U. of Dundee.

Lewis Bell: PhD awarded 2014. Now at Sagittarius IP.

Rebecca Newman: PhD awarded 2015. Now Postdoc with Pavel Tolar Francis Crick Institute.

Jessica McHugh: PhD awarded 2015. Now Senior Editor at Nature Reviews Rheumatology.

Fengyuan Hu: PhD awarded 2019. Now Bioinformatics scientist at AstraZeneca.

David Turner: PhD awarded 2021. Now postdoc with Eugene Valkov at NCI Fredrick.

Twm Mitchell: Started October 2017   Passed viva Jan 2022. Now Postdoc in my Lab

Vanessa D’Angeli: Started October 2018 Now postdoc at Iontas Ltd.

Özge Gizlenci: Started October 2018 Passed Via December 2022, now a Postdoc in my lab

Marian Jones Evans: Started October 2021

Tahmid Hussain: Started October 2022