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Immunology: From Research to Health
Students enjoy lively panel debate

An exciting event for young adults at the Babraham Institute On Wednesday 15th October the Institute, with the support of the British Society for Immunology and MedImmune were pleased to welcome 110 sixth form students and 14 teachers from schools and colleges across Cambridgeshire and beyond to the campus for a day of Immunology exploration.  […]

Public vote now open for BBSRC’s image competition
What goes on in the mind of a scientist? A digital double-exposure composed of a scientist’s eyes and the work-bench ahead.   Copyright: Babraham Institute

The public vote is now open for the BBSRC Images with Impact competition. Anyone can vote for the winning pictures online. The competition sought images that represented how life sciences are changing the world, in areas like: food, farming, bioenergy, biotech, industry and health. The Babraham Institute supported the competition by opening up its labs […]

Scientists find molecular trail that helps melanoma spread
sunbed copyright: Miran Rijavec

Cancer Research UK scientists at the Beatson Institute at the University of Glasgow and BBSRC-funded Babraham Institute researchers have discovered that melanoma cells are drawn to follow the ‘trail’ of a naturally-occurring molecule in the body, which directs this serious type of skin cancer to spread, according to research published in PLOS Biology. Using their […]

Babraham Institute Signalling Showcase
KEF2013 small

The Babraham Institute is hosting a science showcase event, focusing on its signalling research programme, which aims to encourage academic-industrial collaborations. This event will take place on Wednesday 19th November 2014, from 9.30 am – 2 pm. The Signalling Programme includes world-leading expertise in the biochemistry and biology of PI3Ks, lipidomics, autophagy, protein kinases, small […]

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