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Wiping the slate clean: erasing cellular memory and resetting human stem cells
Human embryonic stem (hES) cells identified with a pluripotency marker (NANOG, in green), showing reduced DNA methylation (red) in reset cells. 3D rendering of confocal images.

Babraham Institute scientists, in collaboration with colleagues at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute and the European Bioinformatics Institute, have published findings today in the journal Cell giving hope that researchers will be able to generate base-state, naïve human stem cells for future medical applications. The study demonstrates that human stem cells can be reverted back […]

Open now – Babraham Institute PhD Studentships 2015
Babraham Institute PhD student

Details of  several PhD Studentships starting at the Babraham Institute in October 2015 are now available and  our Group Leaders welcome informal enquiries. The aim of our Graduate Programme is to train talented individuals for future roles in science and technology or in the communication and wider application of these disciplines. We provide an environment giving students […]

Babraham labs through a lens
Science brought into focus at the Babraham Institute

Last Friday the BBSRC-supported Babraham Institute opened its doors to anyone interested in creatively capturing the Institute’s scientists and research. This unique opportunity allowed photographers and illustrators to enter the Babraham’s laboratories and facilities, experiencing the research environment and learning more about the Institute’s pioneering research into ageing and maintaining lifelong health. The Open Afternoon […]

Babraham Institute welcomes the UK’s Young Scientists of the Year
Aneeta and Ameeta with Dr Simon Cook

Today we’re delighted to host the winners of the UK’s Young Scientists of the Year competition, Ameeta and Aneeta Kumar. Ameeta and Aneeta, twin sisters from Reading, jointly won the competition for their project to develop a diagnostic method for the early detection of cancerous tumours. Part of their prize included a day’s visit to […]

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