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Researchers develop new, powerful single-cell technique to study environmental effects on DNA
Heatmap for methylation rates

Single-cell technique to investigate ‘epigenetic’ changes that influence our development New technique will help to reduce the reliance on animal research for this type of study Full map of ‘epigenetic marks’ from individual cells will be critical for understanding early embryonic development Researchers at the BBSRC-funded Babraham Institute, in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust Sanger […]

Leukaemia drug found to stimulate immunity against many cancer types
Immune cells infiltrating a tumour

A class of drug currently being used to treat leukaemia has the unexpected side-effect of boosting immune responses against many different cancers, reports a new study led by scientists at UCL and the Babraham Institute, Cambridge. The drugs, called p110δ inhibitors, have shown such remarkable efficacy against certain leukaemias in recent clinical trials that patients […]

Babraham Institute Joins Alliance for European Excellence and Competitiveness in Life Science
EU Life delegates

The Babraham Institute has recently joined an alliance of 13 top European research centres in life sciences to foster excellence in research, share knowledge and influence policy.  Partners in the alliance, called EU-LIFE, are renowned research centres that operate with similar principles of excellence, external reviews, independence, competitiveness and internationality.  During difficult economic times and […]

‘DNA is not your only destiny’ – Babraham scientists at the Natural History Museum
Chromosomes from mouse embryonic fibroblasts

Scientists from the Babraham Institute and Cambridge University will be among 44 groups of scientists showcasing their research to the public in the Darwin Centre at London’s Natural History Museum during Universities Week on the 9th and 10th June. The exhibit explains the Babraham Institute’s world leading research into epigenetics. While our genes, carriers of […]

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