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The Babraham Institute is hosting 'PI3-Kinases in Immunity, Inflammation and Infection' on 23rd June. Register Now:

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Conference registration is open for ‘PI3-Kinases in Immunity, Inflammation and Infection’
p110 delta with E1021K mutation

The Babraham Institute will be hosting a one day meeting on Monday 23rd June 2014 from 10am – 6pm on ‘PI3-Kinases in Immunity, Inflammation and Infection’.  This event is open to all research scientists, PhD students, postdocs and PIs with an interest in PI3-kinase research. We are pleased to announce that a plenary lecture will […]

Babraham Institute spin-out Crescendo Biologics Wins Cambridge Business Innovation Award
crescendo logo rgb72dpi

Crescendo Biologics Limited (Crescendo) today announced it has been awarded the prize for Business Innovation at the Cambridge News Business Excellence Awards 2014. During 2013, Crescendo announced the Crescendo Mouse, a breakthrough in antibody fragment technology which allows the efficient generation of high-quality fully human single domain antibody VH fragments from a transgenic mouse. The […]

Babraham Institute celebrates its 20th Schools’ Day
Students taking part in lab-based project at Babraham Institute

On 19th March 2014, the Babraham Institute will be celebrating 20 years of hosting its highly successful Schools’ Day, opening its laboratories to 100 GCSE and A-level students from 12 schools across Cambridgeshire. Students have chosen from twenty-two laboratory-based projects relating to the world-leading research of the Babraham Institute’s science groups and will get to […]

A versatile mouse that can teach us about life, diseases and drugs
Rac activity in a migrating isolated neutrophil from the biosensor mouse; pseudo-coloured heatmap, (red is active, blue is inactive)

Scientists from the BBSRC funded Babraham Institute in Cambridge have created a mouse that expresses a fluorescing ‘biosensor’, allowing many life and disease processes and the effects of drugs to be tracked and evaluated in real time and in three dimensions. This biosensor mimics the action of a target molecule, a protein known as ‘Rac’, […]

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