We have established methods to analyse neutral lipids, phospholipids and sphingolipids using a Shimadzu IT-TOF mass spectrometer coupled to a Prominence HPLC system

Greg with Lipidomics robot

Lipids we analyse

Thousands of cell culture, animal tissue and human clinical samples have been analysed as part of collaborations with other research organsations
Lipidomics team

Partners & Collaborators

We collaborate with over three dozen research groups from the Babraham Institute, Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Glasgow, BBSRC, MRC, CRUK institutes, AstraZeneca, EU and USA.
Andrea preparing lipidomics samples

Analytical Approaches

Our equipment will enable the analysis of any biological chemical based on our fully established HPLC separation methods and the unique performance of Orbitrap Elite mass spectrometers which can carry out up to ten stages of tandem MS fragmentation and high resolution/accurate mass analysis at the same time.

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Facility Flier

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