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Tim Pearce

The Biological Support Unit is managed by Tim Pearce. Tim joined the Institute in 1979 as a junior animal technician. He had a short break of five years returning in 1995 in the role of containment unit Supervisor and then Manager. Tim gained significant knowledge of various disciplines and went on to become general manager of the centralised BI facility in 2000. He was offered and took the full time role of client consultant for the proposed new BSU construction project in 2006 following the project through to completion in September 2009.

The present BSU facility is highly regarded in the industry and has received recognition and visitors from around the globe. Tim became Head of Facility in 2010, facilitating the migration and set up of the new unit. During 2012 Tim joined a project to extend the new BSU facility which was completed in July 2014. He is a member of the Institute of Animal Technicians and the Laboratory Animal Sciences Association and represents the facility in various senior committees on site.