Samira Benadda

Samira is the head of the imaging core facility at the Research Center of Inflammation, Paris.  She is a tenured researcher engineer at Inserm. She manages the facility and brings her expertise in photonic microscopy to develop various projects in several fields like immunology, cell biology and cancerology.

Samira obtained her PhD at the University of Paris. Her project focused on the role of the endosomal system in FcR function. She showed that the Fc?R1, a high affinity IgG receptor, continues to signal via endosomal platforms characterized by insulin-dependent aminopeptidase IRAP, which would be essential for the complete activation of his functions. Her work has opened news ways of research to understand new therapeutic targets in the field of monoclonal antibodies.

Samira joined the Liston Lab in October 2021 as Visiting Scientist. She will develop live imaging induced by optogenetic in microglia to understand and combat neurological disorders, such Multiple Sclerosis and Traumatic Brain Injuries.