Arthur Davis

Flow Cytometry is the latest of many jobs I have had in my 47 years at the Institute, I started off doing smooth muscle bio-assays for 5HT, using leeches, which were also my job to look after. I moved on to large animal experimentation and upkeep of said animals, RIA, chromatography, DNA Sequencing, preparing oligonucleotides and peptides, making polyclonal antibodies  and have been in Flow Cytometry since 2000. 

The change in technology has been immense in that time. We were pleased to get one of the first calculators on site in my first lab, it even had a constant and was only the size of a briefcase, in complete contrast to the sorters I use today.

I am also quite keen on sport and have been kayaking and cycling for many years, and also done a bit of Dragon boating along the way as well, plus the occasional foray into some of the long distance paths in the country.