Ethan Vicars

The most recent member of the group, Ethan joined the Institute after being awarded funding from the British Mass Spectrometry Society (BMSS) and the Chromatography Society (ChromSoc). Before this studentship, Ethan completed a MSci in Chemistry from Imperial College London where his Masters thesis focused on Inorganic Synthesis using air sensitive techniques. To gain exposure to different aspects of chemistry, Ethan applied for his current position in the Lipidomics department. His work now focuses on the analysis and interpretation of mass spectrometry results to determine how lipid levels in biological samples change in response to different stimuli with the hopes of finding biomarkers for disease states.

Outside of work, Ethan is a keen figure skater and an avid fan of the sport who will gladly talk your ear off about it if given half a chance. He also enjoys classic movies with a particular fondness for cult classics like Clue.