Meryem Aloulou


Meryem Aloulou El M'Ghari is an immunologist interested in deciphering the regulatory mechanisms of immune homeostasis and their relevance to disease. She is a tenured researcher with Inserm at the Infinity Centre, Toulouse and a visiting scientist at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge. Meryem moved from Morocco to Paris to study at Pierre and Marie Curie University, and her PhD work at Paris Diderot University explored new regulatory and pathophysiological functions of antibody receptors.

Meryem has worked since 2012 at the Toulouse Institute, studying the heterogeneity of regulatory T cells, with a current focus on the control of humoral responses in health and disease by the different subsets of regulatory T cells. In 2020-2021 she was elected a By-Fellow of the Churchill College, Cambridge, through the support of the French Government Fellowship programme. At the Babraham Institute, she has set out to explore the role of regulatory T cells in vaccination and neuroinflammatory disorders