Julian Behr

I am an Erasmus student studying “Regenerative Biology and Medicine” at the Technical University Dresden, Germany, having the great opportunity doing my master thesis in the lab of Adrian Liston. I will focus on the generation and validation of “New Tools to Study Cellular Death Decisions in vivo”.

I started my career in life science, doing an apprenticeship as a laboratory technician at Merck KGaA, where I obtained a broad overview of applied biomedical research and gained insight into research methodology. During my whole apprenticeship, I worked in research&development and it became clear to me that I want actively extend my professional skills in biomedical research further.

Thus, I started my Bachelor in ‘Bioinformatics and Biotechnology”. I enjoyed the analysis, visualization and presentation of my scientific progress. To maintain and expand my practical skills, I applied as a student assistant in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Kretschmer at the Center for Regenerative Therapies in Dresden. During this time, I recognized my strong interest in immunology in an international and highly cooperative network and decided to do my bachelor thesis in this lab about “Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cells that Lack the Foxp3 3’UTR”.

Finally, to learn how to connect basic and clinical research and how to translate gained knowledge for clinical usage, I decided to study my master’s course. Besides offering theoretical knowledge in very interesting and cutting-edge research fields, it also emphasis on the methods necessary and ideally suits my topic of interest.