Carlos Roca

I am a scientist who does research on biostatistics and bioinformatics, to answer questions in systems biology and biomedicine. Previously, I worked as a software consultant for private companies in the sectors of finance, communications, and aeronautics.

I started to work at research institutions in 2004, and I completed a Ph.D. in applied mathematics in 2009. Initially, my scientific work concerned computational models inspired by evolutionary game theory, addressing the problems of cooperation and altruism. Then, I moved to do research more grounded on empirical data and closer to molecular and cell biology.

I work now in direct collaboration with biologists, embedded in an immunology lab, aiming to provide reliable methods of data analysis. I have worked extensively in the study of differential gene expression and pathway expression. My current focus is on analyzing data and developing methods for flow cytometry and single-cell sequencing assays, in studies on basic and applied immunology.