Chieko Itakura

Chieko studied for her PhD at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University where she used a variety of biochemical techniques to investigate the mitochondrial permeability transition pore. For her first postdoc position Chieko worked with Prof. Noboru Mizushima at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University (now at the University of Tokyo) to investigate the autophagy pathway using electron microscopy. For her second postdoc she joined Prof Folma Buss’s group at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research (University of Cambridge) to study the relationship between autophagy and myosin motor proteins using confocal and electron microscopy.

Chieko joined the Imaging Facility in September 2018 to support a new Zeiss 550 Crossbeam FIB SEM and enable projects that require electron microscopy. Chieko provides help and expert advice for all aspects of electron microscopy including project design and experiment planning, fixation, embedding and analysis of samples as well as image processing and assembly for publications or presentations.