Tihomir Todorov

At present, Tihomir is a visiting student at Rahul Roychoudhuri`s group supported by the Erasmus+ traineeship program. Tihomir acquired a B.Sc. in Molecular biology in 2016 at Sofia University, Bulgaria. His thesis in the field of plant molecular biology focused on the salinity response of common wheat (Tr. aestivum) and the ancient cereal cultivars oriental wheat (Tr. turanicum) and spelt (Tr. spelta). Earning a scholarship from the Amgen Scholars Program in 2015, he received the opportunity to conduct research on chaperone-assisted protein folding at Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Munich, Germany.

His path took him to Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich, Germany, where Tihomir has been pursuing a M. Sc. in Biochemistry. During his time at LMU, he studied innate immune mechanisms and carried out research in translational cancer immunology with focus on immune checkpoint blockade therapy.

Tihomir’s work aims at the Babraham Institute aims at elucidating how transcription factors control regulatory T cell (Treg) differentiation and function.