Andrea Lopez


Andrea specialises in the translation of lipid profiles into biosynthetic metabolic pathways interpretation. Her extensive experience ranges from the application of modern sample preparation, chromatographic separations, targeted, untargeted and shotgun mass spectrometry for trace qualitative and quantitative determinations from complex mixtures.

Andrea has had the opportunity to work in diverse environments with advanced techniques, including using: high (Orbitrap) and ultra-high (FT-ICR) resolution mass spectrometers to triple quadrupole and ion trap instruments; photon and electron based dissociation techniques to elucidate small molecules elemental composition and PTMs localisation in protein/peptides; ESA, ion mobility, and differential ion mobility - MS hyphenated techniques; bioinformatics tools for analysis of large datasets.   

Andrea's 18-year career includes: working as an analyst in a private laboratory with hands-on experience in analytical techniques and wet chemistry after her BSc. degree; freelance consultant for analytical laboratories, and a quality control ISO 17025 auditor and trainer at SGS Colombia (Societe Generale de Suivellance) among other private companies.

Andrea earned a PhD in Chemistry from Warwick University followed by a Postdoc position as a Research Associate at UCL. Andrea was a Fellow at Birmingham University before becoming a Senior Research Fellow managing the lipidomics research facility at the Babraham Institute. She works actively in highly-collaborative projects and currently support the lipidomics side of BioPAN hosted on the LIPID MAPS resource, in close collaboration with Cardiff University and University of California San Diego (UCSD).  She and her team have participated in international LC-MS inter-laboratory studies and a range of commercial and academic collaborations.

Andrea has been a member of the British mass spectrometry society (BMSS) since 2011 and in 2020 was elected as a general member of the BMSS committee.