Prasanna Channathodiyil

Anna joined the Houseley lab as a postdoctoral research scientist in September 2016. She focusses on understanding the mechanisms of resistance to MEK inhibitors in colorectal cancer cells in a collaborative project involving Simon Cook’s lab at the Babraham Institute and AstraZeneca. She has been an active member of the institute’s Knowledge, Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC) programme since October 2018.

Funded by the Brain Tumour UK Charity, Anna completed her PhD in Molecular Oncology in 2016 under the supervision of Professor Tracy Warr at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Her thesis was on the characterisation of genome-wide DNA copy number changes and promoter DNA hypermethylation in patient-derived childhood high grade glioma. Prior to that, Anna did her Master’s in Biomedical Science at the University of Wolverhampton. Her interest in cancer research was driven by a research project she undertook during her Master’s in the laboratory of Professor Weiguang Wang studying the cytotoxic effects of disulfiram, an anti-alcoholism drug on adult glioblastoma cells.