Cheryl Li

I grew up in the wonderful green country of New Zealand, which gave me a great appreciation and fascination for the natural world and biological sciences. After studying my undergraduate degree at the University of Auckland, I moved across the sea to commence my PhD at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, where I studied the effects of maternal diet on the epigenome of offspring, and how transgenerational inheritance of these changes can influence offspring phenotype and epigenetic variability through multiple generations. My PhD studies helped shape my current research interest in understanding how the genome responds to environment through epigenetic mechanisms.

I recently started at the Casanueva lab to pursue this question in the context of C. elegans, a versatile model organism with rapid generation time. I am very excited to come to the beautiful city of Cambridge, and am very much looking forward to learning all about becoming a worm expert. My current hobbies include getting lost in town, reading fantasy fiction and playing flute.