Fengyuan Hu

I am a PhD candidate in the Turner lab. We are interested in searching for novel small open reading frames (smORFs) and smORFencoded bioactive polypeptides in the immune system. We are building a computational pipeline to detect smORFs using NGS technology (e.g. ribosome profiling and RNAseq).

Previously I worked as a bioinformatics developer in the Micklem lab (http://www.micklemlab.org) in the Department of Genetics Cambridge, and was involved in InterMine (http://intermine.org/) project and modENCODE (http://www.modencode.org/) project.

fterwards, I moved to the Ouwehand lab in the Platelet Biology Group, Department of Haematology Cambridge as a bioinformatician. I was involved in Genomics England 100,000 Genomes Project for which we developed a NGS pipeline to process whole genome sequncing data and ThromboGenomics project as the main bioinformatics analyst.

I am interested in bioinformatics and statistical learning. I hold a MSc in Machine Learning and Bioinformatics from the University of Edinburgh.

Key Publications

1. Simeoni, Ilenia, Jonathan C. Stephens, Fengyuan Hu , Sri V. V. Deevi, Karyn Megy et al
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