Sharlene Murdoch

I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada where I developed a love for hockey (or ice hockey as you call it over here) and maple syrup. I studied at McGill University where I obtained a B. Sc. in Biology and went on to a Master’s in Human Genetics researching the genetic basis of Recurrent Familial Hydatidiform Moles under Dr Rima Slim. After completing this degree I went on to indulge my other loves of travel and teaching in South Korea where I taught English as a Second Language in Seoul. After five years working and having exciting adventures in exotic locales I missed being a scientist and decided to move on to an even more exotic land: Scotland. While studying for another Master’s degree at the University of Aberdeen I developed affection for rugby and Haggis though not so much for Scottish weather. After graduating I got a job as a Research Technician at King’s College London, there I was introduced to our model organism C. elegans. After two years in London I was happy to leave the hustle and bustle and overcrowded tubes to come to Cambridge join the Casanueva lab as a Senior Research Assistant. When not wrangling worms, I enjoy fitness, travel and playing board games. I’m happy to have made England my new home but still really miss hockey and decent maple syrup.