Alan Watt

Joined the Board in January 2012.
Is the Charity’s representative on the Babraham Institute Enterprise Ltd Board of Directors.

Alan Watt is a drug discovery and development scientist with over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.  He was the former Head of Drug Metabolism and In Vivo Pharmacology at Merck’s Neuroscience Research Centre, before moving to GSK as Head of Preclinical Development for the Neurology CEDD.  In 2008 he transferred to the Immuno-inflammation CEDD in Philadelphia to start-up and head the newly-formed Pattern Recognition Receptor DPU.  In 2010 he joined Cellzome as VP of Therapeutics where he successfully led the company’s drug discovery efforts, delivering a number of kinase inhibitor candidates and contributing to the successful exit to GSK in 2012.  Since this time Alan has been providing scientific leadership services to the industry through his own business and is currently COO/EVP of R&D for Trident Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company developing novel immunomodulators.  Alan has over 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications.