Katherine Fletcher

I studied Biochemistry at Bristol University where I developed my interest in molecular biology. After graduating I took some time to assess my next career move, taking time to volunteer in various charities and to carry out a social research project in Ghana. I returned to science when an opportunity arose for a summer internship at The Babraham Institute. This sparked my passion to begin my research career and led to a research assistant job, at the Institute, working on a full genome screen looking for autophagy enhancers and inhibitors in Nicholas Ktistakis’ lab.

I am currently funded, with a four year BBSRC studentship (starting October 2014), to carry out research in the group of Oliver Florey investigating mechanisms surrounding the autophagy related protein Atg16L1.

I am actively involved in public engagement events organised by The Babraham Institute and I have particularly enjoyed School’s day and going into local schools to deliver teaching about the science of the Institute. I look forward to being involved in further exciting opportunities to communicate science to the public and discuss the ethics and implications of our research.