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Nicholas Ktistakis

Nicholas Ktistakis has been a group leader at the Signalling Programme of the Babraham Institute since 1996. He studies lipid signalling and autophagy, with special emphasis on pathways regulated by phosphatidic acid and phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate. Prior to coming to the UK, Dr Ktistakis worked as a post-doc and Instructor at the Biochemistry Department of UT Soutwestern Medical Center in Dallas with Dr Michael Roth, studying signals that direct proteins to different cellular compartments. His work is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.

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Latest Publications

Targeting of early endosomes by autophagy facilitates EGFR recycling and signalling.

Fraser J, Simpson J, Fontana R

EMBO reports
1469-3178:e47734 (2019)

PMID: 31448519

Selective Autophagy of Mitochondria on a Ubiquitin-Endoplasmic-Reticulum Platform.

Zachari M, Gudmundsson SR, Li Z

Developmental cell
1878-1551: (2019)

PMID: 31353311

Autophagy, Inflammation, and Metabolism (AIM) Center in its second year.

Deretic V, Prossnitz E, Burge M

15 1554-8635:1829-1833 (2019)

PMID: 31234750

Who plays the ferryman: ATG2 channels lipids into the forming autophagosome.

Ktistakis NT

The Journal of cell biology
1540-8140: (2019)

PMID: 31076453

ER platforms mediating autophagosome generation.

Ktistakis NT

Biochimica et biophysica acta. Molecular and cell biology of lipids
1879-2618: (2019)

PMID: 30890442

Phosphorylation of Syntaxin 17 by TBK1 Controls Autophagy Initiation.

Kumar S, Gu Y, Abudu YP

Developmental cell
1878-1551: (2019)

PMID: 30827897

Alpha-synuclein fibrils recruit TBK1 and OPTN to lysosomal damage sites and induce autophagy in microglial cells.

Bussi C, Peralta Ramos JM, Arroyo DS

Journal of cell science
1477-9137: (2018)

PMID: 30404831

Molecular definitions of autophagy and related processes.

Galluzzi L, Baehrecke EH, Ballabio A

The EMBO journal
1460-2075: (2017)

PMID: 28596378

Assembly of early machinery for autophagy induction: novel insights from high resolution microscopy.

Ktistakis NT, Walker SA, Karanasios E

1949-2553: (2016)

PMID: 27829241