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Join us at the Keystone meeting on PI3K Pathways in Immunology, Growth Disorders and Cancer:

We are part of PI3K biology in health and disease (Phd), an EU-funded training network for PhD students. 
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Two clinical trials of PI3Kδ inhibitors for treatment of APDS announced on


The Immune Army is here!

See our new page for the immune Army:

Including a movie starring Amy MacQueen and Anita Chandra (among others):

Now translated into French, Spanish, German and Arabic!

Free book of reviews on PI3K in the immune system:

available to download from Frontiers in Immunology

(edited by Klaus Okkenhaug, Martin Turner and Michael Gold).


A brief history of PI3K research at the Babraham Institute and its impact, published by the BBSRC:

PI3K metrics graph



Idelalisib (Zydelig) is the first PI3K inhibitor to receive FDA approval.

Idelalisib is a PI3K p110δ isoform selective inhibitor which has been approved in the US for the treatment of three different types of B cell cancers (lymphoma).

Press release from Gilead


Inactivation of the PI3K p110δ breaks regulatory T-cell-mediated immune tolerance to cancer

See our article in Nature

The press has picked up on this story:

The Telegraph (front page!): Cancer pill fights disease and gives lifelong protection.
The Daily Mail: Leukaemia pill could help fight other types of cancer: Drug may also stop disease returning by restricting tumour growth
The Scotsman: Leukaemia drug could beat range of cancers

 Some journals have published commentaries on this article:

Cancer Discovery: PI3Kδ Regulates Immune Tolerance to Cancer
Cell: Waging War on Cancer with the Sword of Immunity
Nature (News and Views by Hirsch and Novelli): Cancer: Natural-born killers unleashed
Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology: PI3Kδ inhibition lifts the breaks on antitumour immunity
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery: Horizons broaden for PI3Kδ inhibitors


PI3Kδ inhibitors showing remarkable results in leukaemia

Idelalisib and Rituximab in Relapsed Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia R.R. Furman and Others

PI3Kδ Inhibition by Idelalisib in Patients with Relapsed Indolent Lymphoma A.K. Gopal and Others

See also our commentary at: Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology


Activating mutations in p110δ causes susceptibility to recurrent infections

BI press release

See article in Science.

Ed Banham-Hall has made a web site with information about Activated PI3K delta syndrome (APDS) with information for patients, doctors and scientists.


Immunology in Cambridge

Cambridge Immunology

(Research directory, seminar list and more).

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