Genetic manipulation of GIMAP genes in mice

We are creating conditional gene knockouts for some of the GIMAP genes of the mouse in order to identify essential requirements for them in selected tissues.

GMAP proteinsIn 2010, we described how deletion of the gene for GIMAP1 early in lymphoid development leads to a severe deficit of mature cells in both the T and B cell lineages, although the precursor lymphocytes in the bone marrow and thymus are scarcely affected (Saunders et al., 2010).

The effects of this mutation on the T cell lineage have close similarities to what has been seen in mice and rats deficient in GIMAP5 but the additional severe effects on B cells are a novel feature. These findings establish GIMAP1 as an important pro-survival factor for mature T and B lymphocytes.

Analysis of the full ‘germline’ deletion of GIMAP1 is in progress in order to identify any role this gene may play in non-lymphoid tissues.