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Christel Krueger

Short biography
  • 2005 - current: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK (funded by personal fellowships from EMBO, DFG and CTR, as well as by BBSRC and Wellcome Trust grants)
  • 2001 - 2004: PhD in Biology, Friedrich-Alexander Universitaet Erlangen, Germany (State of Bavaria Fellowship)
Research Interests and Activities
I have a fascination with life, especially with the beginning of it. When the parental gametes meet to form a zygote, a new organism comes into being. A number of biologically drastic measures are taken both before and after fertilisation to turn the old generation into a new one: Not only is the age of the parental cells set to zero, but also are two highly specialised cells (the gametes) turned into one all-rounder (the totipotent zygote). Being a molecular biologist, I’m interested in how this is brought about on a molecular level, and currently I’m studying a potential mechanism of bringing about totipotency.

Latest Publications

Genome-Scale Oscillations in DNA Methylation during Exit from Pluripotency.

Rulands S, Lee HJ, Clark SJ

Cell systems
2405-4712: (2018)

PMID: 30031774

Defective germline reprogramming rewires the spermatogonial transcriptome.

Vasiliauskaitė L, Berrens RV, Ivanova I

Nature structural & molecular biology
25 1545-9985:394-404 (2018)

PMID: 29728652

Dynamics of the epigenetic landscape during the maternal-to-zygotic transition.

Eckersley-Maslin MA, Alda-Catalinas C, Reik W

Nature reviews. Molecular cell biology
1471-0080: (2018)

PMID: 29686419

Correction: Epigenetic resetting of human pluripotency (doi:10.1242/dev.146811).

Guo G, von Meyenn F, Rostovskaya M

Development (Cambridge, England)
145 1477-9129: (2018)

PMID: 29669738

scNMT-seq enables joint profiling of chromatin accessibility DNA methylation and transcription in single cells.

Clark SJ, Argelaguet R, Kapourani CA

Nature communications
9 2041-1723:781 (2018)

PMID: 29472610

Science Forum: The Human Cell Atlas.

Regev A, Teichmann SA, Lander ES

6 2050-084X: (2017)

PMID: 29206104

An endosiRNA-Based Repression Mechanism Counteracts Transposon Activation during Global DNA Demethylation in Embryonic Stem Cells.

Berrens RV, Andrews S, Spensberger D

Cell stem cell
21 1875-9777:694-703.e7 (2017)

PMID: 29100015

cuRRBS: simple and robust evaluation of enzyme combinations for reduced representation approaches.

Martin-Herranz DE, Ribeiro AJM, Krueger F

Nucleic acids research
1362-4962: (2017)

PMID: 29036576

Establishment of mouse expanded potential stem cells.

Yang J, Ryan DJ, Wang W

1476-4687: (2017)

PMID: 29019987