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Sarah Elderkin

1995 - 1999
BSc (Hons) Life Sciences (Pharmacology and Microbiology) at University of Manchester

1999 - 2003
PhD in Martin Buck laboratory at Imperial College London “Functional analysis of the E.coli Phage Shock Protein PspA”

2003 - 2004
Post-doc in the Varga-Weisz laboratory at the Marie Curie Institute in Surrey studying the role of chromatin remodelling complex CRAC

2004 - 2008
Post-doc in the Brockdorff laboratory at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre in London studying the role of post translational regulation of Polycomb repressive complexes

2009 - 2014
Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellow at the Babraham Institute

2014 - Present
Group leader at the Babraham Institute

01223 496471

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Latest Publications

The pluripotent regulatory circuitry connecting promoters to their long-range interacting elements.

Schoenfelder S, Furlan-Magaril M, Mifsud B

Genome research
25 1549-5469:582-97 (2015)

PMID: 25752748

Ubiquitin-specific proteases 7 and 11 modulate Polycomb regulation of the INK4a tumour suppressor.

GN Maertens, S El Messaoudi-Aubert, S Elderkin

The EMBO journal
29 15:2553-65 (2010)

DOI: 10.1038/emboj.2010.129

PMID: 20601937

Fission yeast Iec1-ino80-mediated nucleosome eviction regulates nucleotide and phosphate metabolism.

CJ Hogan, S Aligianni, M Durand-Dubief

Molecular and cellular biology
30 3:657-74 (2010)

DOI: 10.1128/MCB.01117-09

PMID: 19933844