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Bioscience Lites - Scanning Electron Microcopy & Autopha

Events   autophagy   cpd   imaging   microscopy   teachers  

STEM Insights Teacher Placement Week

Events   epigenetics   secondary schools   signalling   teachers  

Bioscience Lites - The genetics of complex diseases

Events   cpd   disease   secondary schools   teachers  

Bioscience Lites - Bioinformatics & Coding

Events   bioinformatics   cpd   secondary schools   teachers  

Bioscience Lites - Antimicrobial Resistance

Events   cpd   immunology   secondary   sequencing   teachers  

STEM Insight Week teacher placements

Events   public engagement   teachers  

Bioscience Lite - current sequencing technologies and their

Events   sequencing   teachers  

Bioscience lite - CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing – technology,

Events   crispr   genomics   teachers  

Bioscience Lite - the use of animals in research

Events   animals in science   concordat   teachers