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EU-LIFE calls for an increased ERC budget in FP9

News   eulife   europe   funding   science  

A shared vision for the next European Funding Programme

News   collaborative research   eulife   europe   funding   policy   science  

Institute submits responses to Science and Technology Commit

News   collaborative research   europe   funding   people   policy   science  

Comment from the Institute Director on the result of the EU

News   collaborative research   europe   funding   knowledge exchange   people   science  

Institute delivers taste of lab research for UTC Cambridge s

News   public engagement   science   training  

Teacher Industrial Partners’ Scheme at the Babraham Instit

News   babraham research campus   knowledge exchange   public engagement   science   training  

Novel insights into genetic cause of autoimmune diseases

News   collaborative research   genome   nuclear dynamics   press release   science  

Explore the inner galaxy of your genes

News   development   genome   nuclear dynamics   science   stem cells  

Biology Week at Hills Road

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Endosomal Vps34 complex II structure uncovered

News   collaborative research   science   signalling  

Promising young researcher joins the Babraham Institute for

News   award   babraham research campus   nuclear dynamics   public engagement   science   training  

What a week! Babraham researchers at the Royal Society Summe

News   ageing   immunology   public engagement   science  

Immune Army: Weapons of Microscopic Destruction exhibit at R

News   ageing   development   events   immunology   public   public engagement   science