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Antisense-mediated chromatin silencing

Seminars   epigenetics   lecture   reik   seminar  

Babraham Distinguished Lecture - Understanding cellular dyna

Seminars   lecture   seminar  

Babraham Distinguished Lecture - Control of B cell immunity

Seminars   immunology   lecture   seminar  

Babraham Lecture - Endoplasmic reticulum turnover via select

Seminars   autophagy   ktistakis   lecture   seminar  

Babraham Lecture - Controlling the killers: from genes to me

Seminars   immunology   lecture   lymphocyte   seminar  

Lister Prize Lecture - Molecular mechanisms of immunological

Seminars   lecture   lister prize   lymphocyte signalling   rahul roychoudhuri   seminar  

Cellular responses to DNA damage: from mechanistic insights

Seminars   cancer   crispr   lecture   seminar  

Babraham Lecture - Pathology from the Molecular Scale on Up

Seminars   flow cytometry   lecture   seminar  

Babraham Lecture - Ras proteins as therapeutic targets

Seminars   cancer   lecture   seminar   signalling