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Quantitative 3D-SIM imaging of chromatin domain organisation

Seminars   chromatin marks   genome  

EU LIFE Lecture - Histone Chaperones Maintain Cell Fates and

Seminars   c.elegans   epigenetics   eu life lecture   genome  

Unpicking the links between dietary restriction and ageing

News   ageing   epigenetics   genome   methylation  

Editing the genome of human induced pluripotent stem cells

Seminars   crispr   genome   seminar   stem cells  

Genomic mosaicism generated by LINE-1 retrotransposition dur

Seminars   gene expression   genome   seminar   stem cells  

Circular DNAs from chromosomes are common copy number variat

Seminars   chromosome   epigenetics   genome   seminar  

Native and senescent 3D organization of the human genome

Seminars   chromosome   genome   nuclear dynamics   seminar  

EU Life Lecture - Contacts between genes drive position effe

Seminars   eulife   gene expression   genome   seminar  

Design considerations for specific & efficient crRNA mol

Seminars   genome   industry   seminar  

Novel insights into genetic cause of autoimmune diseases

News   collaborative research   genome   nuclear dynamics   press release   science  

Packaging and unpacking of the genome

News   collaborative research   development   epigenetics   genome  

Explore the inner galaxy of your genes

News   development   genome   nuclear dynamics   science   stem cells  

Queen or worker? Flexibility between roles relies on just a

News   bbsrc   collaborative research   epigenetics   gene expression   genome   press release  

New technique has implications in determining the genetic ba

News   gene expression   genome   nuclear dynamics   press release