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Regulating gene expression in 3D: a view from Drosophila emb

Seminars   chromatin   gene expression   schoenfelder   seminars  

Ageing well depends on tight gene control

News   ageing   epigenetics   gene expression   yeast  

Transcriptional control of pluripotent stem cell fate

Seminars   cell   gene expression   phenotype   seminar  

Symmetry breaking and self-organisation in mouse development

Seminars   epigenetics   gene expression   mammalian development   seminar  

Mechanosensitive regulation of cancer epigenetics and plurip

Seminars   cancer   gene expression   signalling  

Controlling gene activity in human development

News   development   epigenetics   gene expression   press release   stem cells  

Genomic mosaicism generated by LINE-1 retrotransposition dur

Seminars   gene expression   genome   seminar   stem cells  

EU Life Lecture - Structure vs. Function: A quantitative ana

Seminars   cell biology   chromosome   eulife   gene expression   nuclear dynamics   seminar  

EU Life Lecture - The regulatory potential of protein post-t

Seminars   eulife   gene expression   nuclear dynamics   seminar  

More of a good thing is not always better – and certainly

News   development   epigenetics   gene expression   stem cells  

Queen or worker? Flexibility between roles relies on just a

News   bbsrc   collaborative research   epigenetics   gene expression   genome   press release  

High resolution studies of gene expression improve our under

Seminars   epigenetics   gene expression   seminar  

New technique has implications in determining the genetic ba

News   gene expression   genome   nuclear dynamics   press release