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EU-LIFE urges the European Parliament and the EU Council to

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EU-LIFE's vision for European R&D Funding Programme

News   eulife   europe   funding  

EU-LIFE calls for an increased ERC budget in FP9

News   eulife   europe   funding   science  

A shared vision for the next European Funding Programme

News   collaborative research   eulife   europe   funding   policy   science  

EU Life Lecture - Structure vs. Function: A quantitative ana

Seminars   cell biology   chromosome   eulife   gene expression   nuclear dynamics   seminar  

EU Life Lecture - Contacts between genes drive position effe

Seminars   eulife   gene expression   genome   seminar  

Complex multi-enhancer contacts captured in ES cells by Geno

Seminars   epigenetics   eulife   seminar  

EU Life Lecture - The regulatory potential of protein post-t

Seminars   eulife   gene expression   nuclear dynamics   seminar  

Deciphering the hematopoietic pathway at the single cell lev

Seminars   eulife   seminar   signalling  

EU Life Lecture - Lean on Body Neurons

Seminars   eulife   nuclear dynamics   obesity   seminar  

large-scale integration of multiple environmental signals by

Seminars   eulife   seminar  

siRNA-mediated assembly of heterochromatin – a kiss to rem

Seminars   epigenetics   eulife   seminar  

Chromatin-based epigenetic inheritance: Lessons from the cen

Seminars   epigenetics   eulife   events   seminar