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How accumulating useful genes on DNA circles helps older yea

News   ageing   cells   dna   epigenetics   evolution   genome amplification   press release   yeast  

How sensitivity to DNA methylation can limit transcription f

Seminars   epigenetics   methylation   stem cells  

Antisense-mediated chromatin silencing

Seminars   epigenetics   lecture   reik   seminar  

How chromatin is spatially reorganised during zygotic reprog

Seminars   chromatin   chromosome   epigenetics   reik   seminar  

16th & 17th March: Race Against the Ageing Clock @Cambri

Events   cambridge science festival   epigenetics   public engagement  

EU Life Lecture - Temporal scaling of C. elegans Ageing

Seminars   ageing   c.elegans   epigenetics   seminar  

The pathological long-range regulatory effects of structural

Seminars   cells   epigenetics   reik   seminar  

Drosophila Kinome and Genome-wide RNAi screens reveal novel

Seminars   epigenetics   seminar